BUPA – Be Upskilling Additive


Do you know that game design can be a great way to teach students a variety of skills?

Additionally, the process of creating games can encourage teamwork, communication, and collaboration. There are many resources available to help teach game design in schools, including game development software and educational kits. Our project, BUPA (Be Upskilling additive), is about using game design concepts to learn (too) other issues during the academic process. This is a real photos of a game production class, in Portugal. These are photographs of video game production classes and you can see that students of different levels are in the classroom. These classes are about developing narratives and designing levels, something that requires very strong teamwork, processes for generating and selecting ideas, creating storyboards and systematizing all the information, a posteriori. All of these are processes that, as a rule, do not take place in a classroom, with some honorable exceptions.